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How Trucker Tools' Smart Capacity makes brokers more efficient?

FreightWaves hosted an hour-long conversation with Trucker Tools and its customers about its Smart Capacity product, which launched in 2017. The webinar, titled Capacity Management 2.0, featured a speaker panel which included Prasad Gollapalli, Founder/CEO of Trucker Tools, Tom Curee, VP of Logistics at Kingsgate Logistics, and Diana Bullington, IT Director at Syfan Logistics. The panel discussed how new disruptive technology like Smart Capacity can enable freight brokers to drive new productivity while cutting costs and increasing profits.

Prasad Gollapalli spoke about the current state of the trucking industry, focusing on the major inefficiencies facing brokers. The first inefficiency was “one load wonders”: drivers who leave a broker’s platform after only making one shipment. The next problem was that multiple sources of information in the freight market prevent accurate and real-time data from being accessed by brokers. The final inefficiency was that brokers will often be forced to make many calls to cover a load, often thirty to forty. Prasad goes on to address the various tools and methods Smart Capacity’s Dashboard uses to rectify each inefficiency.

Tom Curee and Diana Bullington explained how Smart Capacity has benefited their businesses. Bullington talked about how having new technology is enabling Syfan Logistics to attract new talent for the freight industry. “To make people want to work for a logistics company, we have to be on the cutting edge of technology—otherwise they don’t want to come to work for us.” Tom Curee said that Smart Capacity is needed to address the market inefficiency of matching shippers with carriers: “Imagine going through the process to buy a new car every time you need to drive to work.”

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Trucker Tools Smart Capacity Named to Gartner's 2018 Market Guide for Real-Time Visibility Providers

Trucker Tools LLC, which provides Smart Capacity, a shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching solution for the transportation industry, announced today it has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner's November 2018 Market Guide for Real-Time Visibility Providers.

According to the report, authored by Bart DeMuynck and Christian Titze, VP Analysts at Gartner, "Commercial customers and consumers continue to have increased demands about real-time visibility of their orders and shipments... A lack of visibility creates internal and external inefficiencies in warehousing, fleet, yard and transportation operations both inbound and outbound, and leads to an increase in transportation costs... With the shortage of carrier capacity, shippers that can create efficiencies with increased visibility become the "shipper of choice." Those that cannot, continue to struggle with securing capacity and with contracted carriers accepting their tenders."

"The capacity crunch and the increasing pressure on businesses and their freight brokers to rein in transportation costs have accelerated the need for real-time, highly accurate visibility into truck capacity, as well as reliable, continually updated information on shipments in transit," said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools.

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Tracking apps: why they’re not the same, and do you really know where that driver is?

It would seem that with all the progress being made in location technologies through GPS, satellites and other tools that keeping track of where a truck or some other asset is wouldn't be a big deal.

Diana Bullington is the IT director at Syfan Logistics, a 40-year old transportation management company with extensive freight brokerage services located near Atlanta. She has found that what most technology suppliers were offering her was location services based on geofencing, which is a service that provides location data based on proximity to cell towers or other key points. But Bullington said such location data could be off by a significant difference – as much as a 30-mile radius - and that would have an impact on Syfan's ability to tell a customer with accuracy when the truck was going to arrive.

Geofencing had its limitations. As Bullington said, if you're hauling freight inside a traffic-choked metropolitan area like Atlanta, a geofencing-based app that shows location within a 30-mile radius could mean the difference between being on the south side of Atlanta and the north side. Trying to get from one to the other could take an hour or more, too imprecise for the demands of customers.

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Machine learning tech uncovers scarce US truck capacity

Two software companies’ plans show how machine learning — often relegated to pie-in-the-sky logistics discussions — has immediate applications allowing US truck brokers to tap into latent sources of already-tight capacity. Machine learning tools are often touted as mechanisms to drive next-level benefits in freight movement, but current use cases are more feet-on-the-ground than head-in-the-cloud applications.

Natural language processing - The two software companies — Trucker Tools and Parade — have released new tools in recent weeks based on an offshoot of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) called natural language processing (NLP).

These tools essentially take information locked away in bulk emails and conversations and structure the information so it can be utilized more effectively by brokers to provide capacity to shippers. For instance, Trucker Tools earlier this autumn began performing such activities for its broker customers.

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Trucker Tools to Roll Out Expanded “Real-time Heat Map” Capacity Visibility, Productivity Analysis Tools for Brokers

Enhanced “real-time heat map” feature enables brokers to compare aggregated market capacity graphically in a region, adjust broker resources to leverage opportunities, balance resources, fill gaps.

New productivity analysis tools provide insight into load coverage efficiency, allows brokers to measure and compare team productivity against market averages, “flex” and redirect resources from market to market to improve performance.

Functionality resides within Smart Capacity’s secure, private network, ensuring broker proprietary information is protected, and confidentiality maintained.

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A new era for brokers: how technology is redrawing the blueprint for success

An unprecedented capacity crunch. Archaic processes badly in need of reinvention. New Uber-like technology entrants bent on cutting out the broker. The blurring of asset vs. non-asset providers. Seldom in the brokerage market’s history has there been a time of such massive upheaval—and opportunity.

How do brokers respond, transform and emerge on the other side as stronger competitive forces?

FreightWaves and Trucker Tools partnered for a webinar on Tuesday, September 25 to answer this question and provide brokers with the insights they need to move toward a successful future.

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Smart capacity, smarter inbox

In the transportation industry, time is money. Trucker Tools uses their Smart Capacity system to eliminate stale or obsolete data in order to streamline the brokerage process, saving time and money every step of the way. As a part of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity freight-matching platform, the company has introduced new software designed to reduce manual work and ramp up the updating of real-time available truck capacity data. Smart Capacity can now automate emails from brokers—using artificial intelligence to scan emails, capture key data points, and update the app in real-time.

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Trucker Tools Introduces New Broker Productivity Tools, Reduces Manual Work,Accelerates Updating of Accurate, Real-Time Available Truck Capacity Data

Automates handling of hundreds of emails brokers receive daily from carriers advertising available trucks

Employs sophisticated natural language processing, artificial intelligenceto “read” emails, capture key data points,continuously update in real-time available trucks in the Smart Capacity predictive freight-matching app

Eliminates hours brokers spend reading emails, keying data into systems; reduces stale, obsolete data.

Broker TMS platforms updated in real time with accurate, fresh capacity data via Trucker Tools integration APIs

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Trucker Tools offers load-matching product for small fleets

Tech can survive in crowded niche by enabling brokers, not replacing them

Logistics technology provider Trucker Tools LLC has rolled out a digital load-matching platform for owner-operators and small fleet dispatchers, saying its platform differs from a crowded field of freight-matching apps because it is designed to enable brokers, not replace them.

The tool, called Smart Capacity for Truckers and Small Fleets, is targeted at those fleets with 10 trucks or fewer that haul about 80 percent of the country's freight.

The application mirrors much of the functionality in the firm's previous product, called Smart Capacity for Brokers, that is integrated with many transportation management system (TMS) software platforms and streamlines brokers' workloads by applying predictive freight-matching and capacity connectivity software.

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Trucker Tools UpgradesMobile Driver App, Rolls Out Smart Capacity Digital Load-Matching for Truckers and Small Fleets

Introduces Smart Capacity for Truckers; digital load-matching, capacity management for owner-operators, small fleets

Enhances GPS-based real-time load tracking, ETAs, document scanning features

Improves route planning, fuel optimization, other driver-focused smart-phone tools to save time, reduce waste, help drivers better manage their business

Mobile app downloaded by more than 500,000 truckers while Trucker Tools connected capacity network surpasses 100,000 active carriers

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Trucker Tools Brings Ryan Transportation On Board With Smart Capacity

Leading 3PL streamlines truckload capacity management, improves shipment visibility, secures higher-quality loads for carrier partners through Trucker Tools predictive freight-matching tools, real-time load tracking

Trucker Tools LLC, which provides shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching solutions for the transportation industry, announced that Ryan Transportation Service, Inc., a leading North American third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has selected Trucker Tools for load matching, capacity planning and management and shipment visibility software services.

Founded in 1986, Overland Park, Kansas-based Ryan Transportation is a national 3PL firm providing a full range of supply chain, freight brokerage and transportation management services. With operations throughout North America, Ryan Transportation serves industries including food & beverage, chemical, building materials, construction, packaging and oil and gas.

Ryan Transportation is implementing two of Trucker Tools’ principal offerings: Smart Capacity and Load Track. With Smart Capacity, Ryan Transportation is implementing an advanced platform and functionality which provides predictive freight-matching processes and workflows, capacity management, accurate visibility into future available capacity and other broker-carrier collaboration features. Smart Capacity enables brokers to dramatically compress the time – and cost – to secure the optimal match of truck to load.

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Trucker Tools picks up $4.4 million investment

The freight-matching solutions provider will use the new funding to accelerate product development and implementation

Trucker Tools LLC has closed its Series A funding round, raising $4.4 million from existing investors. Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of the Reston, Va.-based shipment visibility, capacity management and predictive freight-matching solutions provider, said the company will use the new funding to accelerate product development, bolster implementation resources and expand its sales and marketing efforts.

As part of these efforts, the company has created a formal customer advisory board that meets regularly to review and provide input on its product road map. Trucker Tools also plans to increase and accelerate integrations with leading transportation management system and enterprise resource planning system providers, Gollapalli said.

HighJump, a supply chain management software provider headquartered in Minneapolis, integrated Trucker Tools’ predictive freight-matching platform into its flagship TMS in June. Other supply chain software providers that have previously integrated the Trucker Tools Smart Capacity application into their TMS offering include McLeod Software’s PowerBroker, MercuryGate International, Tailwind Transportation Software for brokers and Strategy Live’s fleet management software.

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Trucker Tools Raises $4.4 Million in Series A Funding

Round is fully subscribed from current investors; funds to be used to accelerate product development, bolster implementation resources, expand sales and marketing

Trucker Tools, LLC, which provides shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching solutions for the transportation industry, announced it has completed a Series A funding round, raising $4.4 million in additional capital to support product development and customer acquisition.

Trucker Tools also continues to see growing adoption of its mobile app for drivers. Launched in 2013, the mobile app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 truck drivers in North America.

The mobile app integrates with a smart phone’s GPS software to continually capture, in real time, precise location data, which is then transmitted over Trucker Tools’ confidential, secure network, and displayed in Smart Capacity’s load tracking and carrier management platform. The real-time, trusted capacity intelligence provided by the Smart Capacity platform helps brokers and carriers match loads with available trucks far more efficiently and reliably than past practice.

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How will cell phone data share rethink affect freight visibility?

Cell phone service providers may soon pull the plug on a key data pipeline underpinning domestic visibility software, but most companies have switched to other location systems. Shippers need to ensure that their providers aren’t overly exposed to this cell phone triangulation data. US-based cell phone service providers are reconsidering how they share their data with third-party companies, potentially hampering freight transportation visibility solutions and drawing shippers’ attention to how such providers accrue data.

In mid-June, news outlets reported that three of the largest US mobile phone carriers — Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile — are deciding whether to provide network location data to a wide range of companies, including two that act as conduits to a range of freight visibility solutions providers.

Most of the visibility solutions providers, or other software companies whose products rely on location data, have either publicly downplayed the significance of the move, or told they don’t rely much or at all on such data. Shippers using such tools would do well to query their service providers about those companies’ reliance on third-party location data, and plan accordingly if they do.

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Trucker Tools Unaffected by Wireless Carrier Decisions to Stop Sharing Location Data

U.S. cellular network carriers announce they will stop sharing customer location data based on proximity to cell phone towers, some supply chain visibility vendors affected

Trucker Tools, LLC, in response to inquiries from customers and partners, confirmed today that last week’s decisions by the nation’s three biggest wireless network operators to stop selling cellphone customer location data through middlemen will not affect Trucker Tools products or services. Trucker Tools provides load tracking, shipment visibility and carrier management software services through its cloud-based Smart Capacity platform.

The Trucker Tools mobile driver app, launched in 2013, has been downloaded by more than 500,000 truck drivers in North America. The mobile app is integrated with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity carrier management and digital load-matching platform used by brokers and carriers to quickly and efficiently locate and secure optimal truckload shipments.

Trucker Tools obtains GPS location data directly through its own Trucker Tools mobile application on the smart phones of truck drivers. The mobile app integrates with the smart phone’s GPS software to continually capture, in real time, precise location data, which is then transmitted over Trucker Tools’ confidential, secure network, and displayed in the company’s load tracking and carrier management applications.

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HighJump Joins Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity Freight-Matching Platform

Leading TMS provider integrates Prophesy Dispatch with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity predictive freight-matching platform, gains real-time visibility to truck capacity, streamlined workflow for brokers

Trucker Tools, LLC announced today that HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, has integrated its Prophesy Dispatch transportation management (TMS) with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity freight-matching application suite.

Smart Capacity is a next-generation, cloud-based software platform that connects drivers, fleets, freight brokers and logistics providers in a single, confidential network, with workflows and tools to accelerate the process of finding and securing truck capacity. The platform uses real-time data and powerful algorithms to predict when and where capacity becomes available, days in advance, for the customer’s network of carriers, and then optimally matches loads with carriers.

The Smart Capacity application creates a real-time, visual map of all available trucks, and all available loads in a selected geography. Through sophisticated algorithms and business rules, the software ranks and suggests to the broker the optimal match of truck to load. The broker need only to evaluate the options then click on a selection, and the load and truck are matched. Once accepted by the driver, the system confirms for the broker.

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McLeod Software Releases Version 18.1 of LoadMaster® Enterprise and PowerBroker

Today McLeod Software is releasing Version 18.1, another major functional release of its flagship products, LoadMaster Enterprise

New capabilities and functionality have been added to McLeod Software's solutions for brokers and 3PL's, for truckload carriers, and for LTL and final mile operations. McLeod is continuing the rapid pace of product development investments that have made us the leader in ERP solutions for transportation providers.

Version 18.1 includes changes in the LoadMaster and PowerBroker dispatch operations to help users see, understand, and act on the information they need. Now the role based user interface for the operations team presents a more comprehensive and concise view, to help those users manage the company's current freight activity.

PowerBroker has a new interface to help McLeod customers who participate in the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) 3PL Market Report survey to easily submit and automate the requested necessary data. McLeod Software is the first to provide a TMS interface with preconfigured metrics. This interface is complete with predefined metrics used by the TIA to compile monthly data for their quarterly report. Until now, participation in the survey has been done manually. The TIA 3PL Survey interface can be set to run automatically for the previous month, so the information will be transmitted on time, each month, with no user action.

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Visibility in the freight industry is a loosely used term

Trucker Tools, a carrier management platform has introduced the Smart Capacity feature, that helps brokers to proactively cover their loads with available trucks

The internet houses a countless number of load boards that carriers and brokers use every day to run their businesses. But the system has remained the same for ages, not witnessing any disruption in its process to make it easier for its stakeholders. Information on load boards is seldom checked real-time, thus making a lot of existing information on truck and load availability to be outdated and stale.

The Smart Capacity feature aggregates information from all these sources to create a comprehensive database, which more importantly, is devoid of stale information. “When the trucks are being booked, we remove those trucks in real-time so that a broker is not wasting time calling those trucks that are already booked,” said Gollapalli.

This situation also makes the freight industry all-inclusive, with the middlemen a.k.a brokers being vital cogs in the ecosystem, unlike other markets where brokers are largely disposable and do not add significant value. “Brokers build relationships with carriers and shippers. A lot goes into it - whether the carrier has enough insurance, whether it is reliable, and if it picks up and delivers a load on time and in top condition. A third-party technology platform can’t just replace this overnight,” said Gollapalli.

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Trucker Tools: Smartphone 'Apps' Revolutionizing Freight Matching

The Smart Capacity platform leapfrogs current freight matching technology, freight marketplaces and companies who are trying to disintermediate or “uberize” the transportation industry

Built around a community of small carriers, operators, and owners, Smart Capacity is designed to identify available truck capacities in real time and match them with available loads. The platform tracks and recommends optimal trucks for brokers’ loads throughout a network comprised of 3PL/broker partners and carriers in real time.

Establishing a strong stature in the driver community with Smart Capacity, Trucker tools has garnered tremendous traction predominantly among owner-operators and small carriers who account for nearly half a million downloads of the free Trucker Tools app.

Before developing Smart Capacity, Trucker Tools introduced the ‘Load Track’, a tool for tracking the load status from pickup point to the delivery destination. Looking back at the tremendous adoption of Smart Capacity and Load Track by a huge segment of customers, Gollapalli outlines the great potential of combining the two tools that will revolutionize the mainstream freight management industry.

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Tight truck capacity shining spotlight on freight matchmakers

The trucking industry is at an exciting but confusing point when it comes to digital load-matching technology and shippers will be brought along for the ride.

There’s never been a more important time for American shippers to secure access to dependable domestic truck capacity to move their goods.

Realizing this, new load-matching technologies, which take aim at traditional freight brokerage offerings, have entered the trucking market with promises to offer deeper, real-time visibility into cargo loads and related costs, as well as establish more efficient connections between shippers and truckers.

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Trucker Tools Reaches Major Milestones as Platform Adoption Accelerates

Smart Capacity predictive freight-matching technology for brokers secures 50th customer; Trucker Tools mobile app for drivers reaches 500,000 downloads

RESTON, Va., April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trucker Tools LLC, which provides a portfolio of next-generation mobile, web-based applications that bring together drivers, freight brokers, fleets and truckload shippers to efficiently match and manage loads with trucks, today announced two major milestones.

Smart Capacity, which provides predictive freight-matching and capacity management tools, has signed up its 50th freight-broker customer, reaching this key milestone after only six months on the market.

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Talking Logistics: Smarter Approaches to Freight Matching in a Capacity-Constrained Market

Smarter Approaches to Freight Matching

“If you look at the traditional brokerage process today, brokers are making 30-60 calls to cover a load, using information from load boards, emails, spreadsheets — but they’re handling a lot of stale information,” said Gollapalli.

For example, you’re a broker calling a carrier. You probably saw this carrier on a load board who had posted his availability a day or a few hours earlier. By the time you call the carrier, he is no longer available. The underlying problem is that you are dealing with a lot of stale, historical information, instead of real-time, accurate information.

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Triple T Transport Winning with Carriers by Matching Loads with Smart Capacity

”The one with the best access to its carrier database, and who manages the needs of both their carriers and customers equally, will remain viable in this ever-increasing competitive market” says Darin Puppel, president of Triple T Transport, a leading transportation and logistics provider based in Columbus, Ohio.

With capacity tightening in 2017 — a trend that appeared certain to continue in 2018 — Puppel and his management team were focused on strategies for Triple T to better connect with its trusted carrier network to find and secure more capacity.

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Trucker Tools integrates freight matching tech with MercuryGate TMS

Trucker Tools, provider of a driver smartphone app, load tracking and freight matching technology, has integrated its Smart Capacity platform with the MercuryGate Transportation Management Software (TMS).

Smart Capacity is a freight matching platform used by third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and carriers. Its freight matching capabilities are more advanced than the current load boards and freight marketplaces in the transportation industry, the company says.

“Our company is committed to the development of advanced technology solutions that assist clients with every aspect of transportation management,” said Monica B. Wooden, chief executive officer and co-founder, MercuryGate International, Inc. “We are pleased to support Trucker Tools and its Smart Capacity platform to enhance the visibility and efficiency of the freight matching process.”

The web-based Smart Capacity platform uses real-time data and algorithms to predict when and where capacity will become available, days in advance, for 3PLs and their network of carriers.

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Trucker Tools’ freight matching Smart Capacity portal integrated with McLeod Software’s PowerBroker

Trucker Tools, a driver smartphone app, load tracking and freight matching solutions provider, announces the integration of its Smart Capacity platform with PowerBroker, an enterprise-wide freight brokerage management system from McLeod Software.

Trucker Tools says that Smart Capacity, which it launched in September, 2017, is a cloud-based freight matching platform used by third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and carriers to leapfrog the current technology of load boards, freight marketplaces and companies trying to “uberize” the transportation industry.

“We are pleased to expand McLeod Software’s partnership with Trucker Tools to include the new Smart Capacity freight matching capabilities,” said Robert Brothers, manager of product development for McLeod Software. “Our customers have been asking for this integration and we look forward to continue working with Trucker Tools to solve critical business issues for our mutual customers.”

East Coast Transport, a mid-size 3PL that serves some of the largest shippers in the United States with transportation of time- and temperature-sensitive products, is among the first companies to use the integrated system from Trucker Tools and McLeod Software.

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Trucker Tools launches Smart Capacity freight matching platform

Trucker Tools, which provides a popular driver smartphone app and automated Load Track system, has launched a new freight matching platform, Smart Capacity.

The new platform combines instant carrier-driver connectivity and analytics to continuously aggregate capacity and predict when and where it will become available for third-party brokerage and logistics providers (3PLs). The new platform leapfrogs current freight matching technology of load boards, freight marketplaces and companies who are trying to disintermediate or “uberize” the transportation industry, said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive officer of Trucker Tools.

“Smart Capacity gives 3PLs and carriers a more efficient and accurate freight matching process than anything they have previously experienced,” he said. “By using the platform, 3PLs and carriers can secure capacity and loads as soon as they become available, days in advance of their competitors, to aggressively grow market share.”

Smart Capacity provides optimal driver-load recommendations to users through an online dashboard and integrated workflow to minimize human intervention. Beyond matching freight, the technology enables 3PLs to grow revenue by identifying additional capacity they can offer to customers on demand, the company said.

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Technologies to Tackle the Driver Shortage

Trucker Tools, which offers a single smartphone app to handle all the function previously only affordable by large corporations with sizable fleets of trucks. And it’s free.

Mobile technology makes great sense as a recruiting tool from the shipping industry side as it’s used for so many aspects of transportation management and logistics be it fleet and order tracking, route optimization, or backhaul opportunity matching. All apply to the legions of individual truckers, where mobile can be a lifeline.

Truck owner/operators have a growing field of mobile tech options for making the best use and the most money at the least cost. Just look at Trucker Tools, which offers a single smartphone app to handle all the function previously only affordable by large corporations with sizable fleets of trucks. And it’s free.

The long list of things truckers can do with the Trucker Tools smartphone app is: find the nearest truck stop, get real-time diesel prices, and find the fastest truck route to your destination and more. The app’s Load Track feature enable truckers to receive automated pickup and delivery confirmations. Other features help drivers find medical aid, vehicle sales and service locations, collision repair joints and even Walmarts.

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East Coast Transport selects Load Track from Trucker Tools

A mid-size third-party logistics provider, has selected the automated Load Track platform from Trucker Tools

East Coast Transport (ECT), based in Paulsboro, N.J., serves some of the largest shippers in the United States. The company is celebrating its 40th year as a woman-owned minority with additional offices in Baltimore, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., Fayetteville, Ark., and Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

ECT specializes in refrigerated transportation and meeting strict customer requirements for tracking and monitoring loads to ensure food safety. In July, the company selected the cloud-based Load Track platform from Trucker Tools after testing and evaluating different product options.

The more frequent location updates and precise tracking methods of Load Track stand out from other freight tracking products in the market, said Paul Berman, vice president of logistics at ECT. Berman has over 40 years of experience in transportation of time- and temperature-sensitive products.

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Knocking out fraud: Choptank Transport shares 5 strategies to protect shippers, carriers

Choptank uses the cloud-based Load Track platform that is embedded in the popular Trucker Tools smartphone app

With over $700 billion in revenues, the trucking and logistics industry is a big target for opportunists of all types, including fraudsters and cybercriminals.

Logistics service providers (LSPs) may be called intermediaries, but many have moved to the front lines in the industry’s battle against fraud and cybercrime.

One of the nation’s top third-party logistics firms, Choptank Transport, shared the technology and strategies it uses to secure its freight transactions and protect its business, customers and carriers. A full-service logistics provider, Choptank Transport specializes in truckload and less-than- truckload shipments of refrigerated and dry freight as well as flatbed and intermodal transport. Below are five areas where its technology helps to quickly identify and defeat modern threats.

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Freight agents say Load Track technology helps differentiate their services

Trucker Tools reports a surge in demand from companies looking to differentiate their services with next-generation mobile technology.

As freight tracking software becomes more common in the transportation and logistics industry, Trucker Tools reports a surge in demand from companies looking to differentiate their services with next-generation mobile technology.

Independent freight agents are a segment of the market where Trucker Tools says it is seeing increased demand for its Load Track platform. Agents often have access to competing freight tracking products from transportation companies whose FMCSA authority they operate under, but prefer using the on-demand Load Track platform.

“Load Track stands out among other freight tracking products because it eliminates the friction in freight transactions for shippers, brokers and carriers,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive officer of Trucker Tools. Load Track is embedded in the free Trucker Tools driver smartphone app and captures continuous, real-time shipment visibility. The tracking process automatically begins when a driver is dispatched on a load and continues to final delivery.

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Scout Logistics chooses automated Load Track platform from Trucker Tools

Canadian 3PL gains real-time visibility of domestic and international shipments

Toronto, Canada, May 15, 2017 — Scout Logistics Corporation, one of Canada’s largest non-asset transportation providers, has chosen the automated Load Track platform from Trucker Tools to gain real-time visibility of its domestic, trans-border and international shipments.

Founded in 2011, Toronto-based Scout Logistics specializes in handling time- and temperature-sensitive shipments for customers in the United States and Canada. The company has grown rapidly and today transports more than 500 million pounds of fresh produce and refrigerated goods annually.

“In terms of technology, the Load Track platform from Trucker Tools is the biggest change I’ve seen in the transportation industry in the last 25 years,” said Lorne Swartz, founder and president of Scout Logistics. “We can instantly track hundreds of shipments we have on the road right now.”

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3PL Choptank Transport chooses Load Track system from Trucker Tools

Choptank Transport, one of the nation’s top third-party logistics firms, announced it has chosen the automated Load Track platform from Trucker Tools to achieve higher levels of shipment visibility, customer service and carrier satisfaction.

Choptank Transport is a full-service logistics provider that specializes in truckload and less-than-truckload shipments of refrigerated and dry freight as well as flatbed shipping and intermodal transport.

“Trucker Tools understands the fast-paced, rapidly changing logistics industry. They have been very responsive to our needs as we continue to evolve our supply chain visibility technology,” said Geoff Turner, president and chief executive officer of Choptank Transport, based in Preston, Md.

Turner is the immediate past Chairman of the Transport Intermediaries Association (TIA), an organization for 3PL professionals in North America. Choptank Transport recently added Load Track to its freight tracking service options and found the platform offered more frequent location updates with precise tracking methods as compared to some of the others it has used.

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Trucker Tools announces Load Track integration with McLeod Software’s PowerBroker®

Full-featured integration delivers instant ROI to PowerBroker users

Trucker Tools is pleased to announce the integration of its Load Track application with the PowerBroker® enterprise platform from McLeod Software.

The feature-rich Load Track is included in the industry-leading Trucker Tools smartphone app used daily by hundreds of thousands of owner operators and small carrier drivers to plan their trips and streamline communications with freight brokers and logistics companies.

The integration of Load Track with PowerBroker® brings end-to- end automation to freight brokers at a fraction of the cost of competing shipment tracking products in the market.

We are excited to share this news, as it gives freight brokerage, logistics companies and carriers immediate paybacks from increased productivity, operating efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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