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Trucker Tools Business Listing will help you promote your business to over 500,000 Truckers on their iPhone or Android. Just sign up and post the details of your business on our website and truckers can see your business details on our Trucker Tools iPhone or Android app when they are near your shop. The Trucker can also call your shop directly from the app with the touch of a button.

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How it works:

  1. You sign up and post the details of your business location (such as truck wash shop or service/towing center etc) along with any discounted prices for the Truckers
  2. Our Trucker Tools app will display your business location under appropriate category to the Truckers when they are near your shop (click here to see how the trucker sees your business center on the Trucker Tools App)
  3. The Trucker drives to your shop using the directions on our app
  4. You validate the Trucker's CDL or ID and honor any special price you posted on our website
  5. You see real-time analytics such as how many truckers has checked out your shop; how many have called in to make reservations etc