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How much money do you lose every time your driver doesn't fuel at the truck stops in your network?

Hundreds of Dollars?
Thousands of Dollars?
Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a month? Or More?

Put an end to that LOSS!!! Use Trucker Tools Fuel Network service to show your drivers the most accurate and currently list of truck stops that are in your network. And Save big money on Fuel!

When your drivers search for truck stops on Trucker Tools app, they see the truck stops in your fuel network. That list will always be in their face.

With over 350,000 active drivers, the chances are that your drivers are already using our FREE Trucker Tools app to find the most accurate truck stop guide. Why not use the same app to guide your drivers to the truck stops that are in your in your network and SAVE BIG ON FUEL.

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  • A Flat $1 per Driver per Month. No Hidden Costs or Additional Fees or Commitments.
  • Update the Truck Stops list in your Fuel Network anytime and push the most recent list to your drivers INSTANTLY.
  • Only Your Drivers will see your Fuel Network and NO ONE ELSE . FULLY SECURE.

Driver Must Have iPhone or Android
In order for you to track the load, the driver must have an iPhone or Android phone with a data plan, and they must download and install the FREE Trucker Tools App on their iPhone or Android phone.

Easy for Drivers to Install And Use
The FREE Trucker Tools App is EASY to download and use from the Google Play (Android) and iTunes App Store (iPhone). After the driver downloads the app on his phone, he will need to launch the app. The first time he launches the app, he will be prompted to enter his cell phone number. He needs to enter his cell phone number (only one time) to see his Fuel Network. From the dashboard of the app, he will need to click on Truck Stop Guide button and then, My Fuel Networks to see the list of truck stops in his fuel network as shown below.

Trucker Tools App Availability
Trucker Tools App is available for the following operating systems and phones. It can be downloaded from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).

iOS: Version 4.0 and greater
Android: Version 2.3 and greater
iPhone Models: 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5
Android Models: All models with Android version 2.3 and greater