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100,000+ Carriers
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  • Convert "One-Load" wonders into repeat business
  • Proactive match and reloads
  • Carrier capacity email parsing
  • Digital-Assist online price negotiation
  • Lane matches based on historical data
  • Key benefits include fuel discounts, quick pay and more
Smart Capacity

Smart Capacity is Your Strategic Partner for Enhancing Carrier Utilization

Use Smart Capacity to access accurate, trusted information that speeds the process of matching the optimal load and truck and build relationships with carriers. A customized, global map view of available trucks and available loads is refreshed in real time. Predictive freight-matching and capacity management tools ensure carriers are getting the best loads at the right time. One platform also allows brokers to promote their strongest incentives for carriers -- fuel network discounts, quick pay, tires, service maintenance and more.

All-in-One Platform to Transform Your Business

Accurate and real time

Smart Capacity's real-time carrier capacity and relationship management platform benefits brokers, owner operators and small fleets. Integrated with the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App, users have an accurate, continually updated, reliable view of available trucks and loads, not just today, but days into the future. And with Smart Capacity’s use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), users eliminate hours spent reviewing mass emails and offers for stale loads.

A secure, confidential platform

Smart Capacity is built on the latest cloud-based technology that focuses on securing and protecting confidential information for both carrier and broker. This private network allows you to conduct business quickly, efficiently -- and securely.

Ease of use, critical mass

More than 500,000 drivers use the industry-leading Trucker Tools mobile app every day. And more than 100,000 small fleets actively participate on the Smart Capacity platform. With a critical mass of capacity, and proven, easy-to-use tools, brokers and carriers can dramatically compress the process of finding and matching optimal loads and trucks.

Convert “One-Load Wonders” into repeat business

Smart Capacity’s connection between brokers and carriers will help you convert “one-load wonders” into repeat business. With complete and accurate capacity information, as a broker you know which carriers best meet your needs. Encourage them to handle your loads first by promoting the unique benefits that you offer, including quick pay, fuel network discounts, tires, maintenance and other discounts. And truckers have access to the very popular Trucker Tools mobile app – a benefit that helps drivers and carriers.

We strive to be your trusted partner as the most advanced, collaborative digital capacity-matching and carrier relationship management platform for brokers, small fleets and owner operators.

Trucker Tools

Our unique heat map helps managers divert staff to areas where additional freight is needed to fill trucks within your network

Trucker Tools

Use the broker’s view to quickly find customer-specific, detailed information on available loads to be booked and available trucks. Platform sorts and ranks best capacity on top

Customers Love It!

"… the biggest game changer…"

President, Triple T Transport

"Smart capacity increases our abilities and our opportunities by capturing truck capacity before anyone else."

VP of Logistics, East Coast Transport

"We’re excited, I made a lot of calls on you all and people are saying great stuff."

President, Edge Logistics

"[Smart Capacity] will give us visibility to trucks that we may not have had visibility to before."

President and CEO, Choptank Transport