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• With over 500,000 downloads and counting, the industry’s most popular driver-focused smart phone app

• Provides 16 of the most sought-after, intuitive tools and features to help drivers manage on the road

• Optimized for fast data and maximum battery life. And it’s free to truckers!

More features to help truckers

• Real-time fuel prices

• Most accurate truck stop guide

• Truck specific routing and fuel optimizer

• Weigh scales

• Rest Areas

• Truck wash locator

• Weather and traffic information

Drivers Love It!

"Deleted all other apps this is all I need!!!! [9 thumbs up]"

Luis Cordova (Owner Operator)
Android User

"Great idea. Super easy to use down to earth approach."

Mike Huber (Trucker)
Android User

"If you don't have this app, you are definitely missing out. This the most useful application I've got. I love it."

Jeff Holmes (Trucker)
Android User

"One of the best truck tools there is out there and I love it. I use it everyday when I'm on the road."

Owner Operator (RNC Trucking, LLC)
Android User

"Best trucker app! This is the best trucker app! Works right from the start. No b.s.! Love it!:-)"

Jeremy Davis (Trucker)
Android User

"Everything you need it's right here. I love it."

Ziggy Badzic (Owner Operator)
Android User

"GREAT TOOL! I use trucker tools almost daily to find good locations to stop for the night. It's great for finding independent truck stops on those nights when the big name brand truck stops are filled up. Also a great tool for finding Walmarts."

Steve Kirland (Trucker)
Android User

"Love this app. Very helpful in finding cheap fuel along my route."

Allison Goins (Trucker)
Android User

"This is the best tool going for truck drivers. I cannot work without it."

Anthony Gathers
Android User

"Very helpful. This app has so many great tools. I'll keep it as long as I'm a OTR driver."

John Pryor (Trucker)
Android User

"I love this app. It has saved me many times. I definitely recommend this app to other professional drivers. I can’t thank you guys enough for this wonderful app."

Woowoosordino (Trucker)
iPhone User

"The best as far. Doesn't just pull up the major truckstops but the small mom and pops to! Better than pay truckstop apps."

NNPSS (Trucker)
iPhone User

"Great app. It's got almost everything. Kudos."

Improsan (Trucker)
iPhone User

"Excellent app. A must for truckers."

Twin1961 (Trucker)
iPhone User

"I think this a great app for us truckers that need accurate truck stop info at their fingertips, I love it. The fuel prices are great, helps me save a few pennies on most trips..."

Loadrunner28 (Trucker)
iPhone User